SR Rivet Hinged System

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Product Description

Ideal for rubber plied and PVC solid woven belting, and for worn belts unfit for vulcanized splices, the Flexco® SR™ Rivet Hinged System delivers the performance, long life, and easy installation that maximize belt availability. The SR Rivet Hinged Fastener plates grip the belt ends between the top and bottom plate as well as rivets which pass through the belt,

Product Details

Features and Benefits:

  • Low-profile, Scalloped Edge™ design that reduces exposure to cleaner blades, skirt rubber, and return idlers
  • Self-setting rivets in staggered pattern for maximum holding ability without damage to belt carcass fibres
  • Built-in viewport for easy fastener positioning
  • Easy joint separation by simply removing the hinge pin


  • Available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet your needs
  • Power installation to reduce worker fatigue and ensure uniform splices


  • Underground and surface mining, coal and hard rock, asphalt plants, pulp and paper, sand and gravel plants, and other demanding applications
  • For belts from 1/8” – 1” (3 – 25 mm) thick with mechanical fastener ratings from 330 to 2,000 P.I.W. (60 – 350 kN/m) and minimum pulley diameters from 5” – 42” (125 – 1050 mm)

Tools and Accessories

MSRT Installation Tool

 MSRT Installation Tool is used to install R2, R5, R5 1/2 and R6 fasteners. For belt widths 30" to 84".

Easy-to-use, portable tool that makes multiple rivet driving simple and fast. The MSRT tool holds the belt, fastener strip, and the SR700 guide block (included) securely in place. Using the SR759 drive rod, five rivets can be driven simultaneously. Plus, each guide block holds enough rivets to install four fastener plates before reloading.

MSRT tools require little maintenance. The MSRT includes application tool, two SR700 guide blocks, two SR759 drive rods, canvas bag, silicone spray and two 4 lb. (1.8kg) hammers.

Also available in Aluminum MSRT-AL. The MSRT-AL is similar to the MSRT Tool, but is built using an aluminum channel and substitutes an AL SRT-9 Clamp Bar, AL SRT Clamp Screws and R5-SE Stepped Anvil Plates, which are similar to the stepped anvil plates in the MSRT, but are designed with a different shape

Lightweight and portable application tool. The new scalloped design of the riser plate allows for fast, accurate alignment of fastener strips on the anvil plate. The riser plate positions the belt for easier feed into the fastener strips. Robust design of clamp bar with Acme threading provides maximum holding capabilities, especially on thick, high tension belts where a safe, strong hold is required. Clamp bar and riser plate have been designed with serrated grips for more secure clamping and operator efficiency. Use Rapid Loader™ Collated Rivet Strips to load 20 rivets at one time for reduced installation time and increased operator efficiency.

R2T Tool

The economical priced R2 Fastener application tool is light-weight and portable, so it is ideal for quick repairs. The six-pound (2.7kg) R2T tool installs up to 12" (300mm) of R2 fasteners in one pass. For wider belts, simply move the tool over. For use with standard SR™ self-setting rivets and a two-pound (0.9kg) hammer.
Ordering number is R2T.

Hinge Pin Retaining Washers

Retaining washers prevent migration of nylon-covered cable hinge pins. Check hinge pins frequently during the first few hours of operation to determine whether migration is a problem in your application