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Product Description

Colour: Translucent with high adhesion PU coated coppered steel spiral

Temperature Range: -40°C+90°C (+125°C short time)

Suitable for:
Applications: Abrasion

Industries: Abrasive PowdersDust ExtractionGlass and CeramicPlastics Industry,Woodworking

Size Range: 38.1mm ID to 180mm ID

Product Details

Technical Features: Ester based Polyurethane duct reinforced with a TPU high adhesion coated coppered steel spiral. Totally smooth inside to ensure optimization of flow properties. Constant Wall thickness of 0,9mm through all the diameter range.

Properties: Strong but light and flexible, it's suitable for heavy duty applications where a very good abrasion resistance is required. In fact its capability of  abrasion resistance is  20 mm3, 50% more than a conventional TPU hose.

Resistant to mineral oils, ageing, ozone, atmospherical agents* and to most chemicals. Halogens free conform to RoHS and phthalates free.

Standards: Free of Halogen and Phthalates, with raw materials  in accordance to REACH and conform to RoHS Regulations. The hose can be antistatic  according to TRB S 2153  by grounding  the spiral.

Application Fields

Suction of granules, abrasive powders, pellets, sawdust. Suitable to be used in plastic, woodworking, ceramic, dust extraction industries.