Flat Belt Drive

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Product Description

Habasit Power Transmission Belts are tailored to suit specific industry and application needs or machine designs.  The complete Habasit range of Power Transmission Belts are fabricated to order.

Product Details

To get a quote please tell us as much info as you can from the following list

  • The length/circumference of the belt (check the available adjustment on the tension pulley)

  • The required width of the belt

  • The minimum pulley dia (and degree of wrap around this pulley)

  • The diameters of the pulleys in the drive

  • The speed of either the driving pulley or the driven pulley 

  • The power (Hp or Kw) of the motor 

  • The precise application, ie type, make & model of the machine (a drawing or schematic sketch of the pulley layout is desirable)


Truly Endless 1mm thick Hevaflex or Megaflat Belts can be slit to width from sleeves of up to 330mm wide in a range of standard lengths.


The older style Heavy Duty Leather and FSR/Balata Flat Transmission belts can be supplied as endless belts or made up to specified lengths and widths fitted with mechanical Flexco Belt Fasteners.