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Product Description

The standard Jubilee clip has been on the market for over 90 years and has become the benchmark other clips try to live up to.  Made in the UK to a very high standard.

Other products within the Jubilee range are:

  • Lightweight

  • High Torque

  • Super Clamps

  • 'O' Clips

  • Pipe Clips

  • Juniors

  • Winspade

  • Aerospace

  • CV Bootclips

Product Details

We stock standard Jubilee Clips, Multiband and the Flexidriver.  The rest of the range is available on a speedy delivery.

Jubilee Clips

They are produced in Mild steel or 304 Stainless steel and to BS5315:1991 standards

We stock Jubilee clips in sizes covering size 000 to size 12.5. This covers 9.5mm to 318mm OD hose


Supplied in three parts. The band, the housing and the screw. all you have to do is cut to length and add housing and screw.

Supplied as mild or stainless steel in 7mm or 11mm wide.

10m or 30mtr lengths

quantities of 25 or 100 for screws and housings

"Every toolbox should have one"



Rapid easy adjustment of Jubilee clips is made possible with our Flexidriver.

The Jubilee Flexidriver ia a high quality precision product incorporating a 7mm A/F socket head specifically designed for Jubilee hose clips and has a flexible shaft to enable the user to reach into all those awkwardly placed Jubilee Clips.

Jubilee<sup>®</sup> Flexidriver

Assorted Packs

We offer assorted packs covering the most popular sizes making it possible to keep a selection of sizes, appropriate to any situation, to hand in one convenient pack.

Assorted Packs