Poly-Vee Drive

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Product Description

Poly-V belts are available in PH, PJ, PK, PL and PM cross-sections. All these belts will operate in standard polyvee belt pulleys provided they are manufactured to the DIN 7867 or ISO 9982 standard for the specific cross section.

Polyvee Belts are marked with pitch length in mm, the section and the number of ribs.

eg - 1321 J 5

  • 1321 = Nominal effective pitch length

  • J = Section

  • 5 = Number of ribs

Product Details


  • Static conductive undercord (ISO 1813) ensures safe operation.
  • High resistance to oil, heat, dust and cracking
  • Uniform load distribution all over the cross section
  • Top fabric layer for lateral stiffness
  • Suitable for drives with inside and outside idlers
  • Extremely flexible with reduced thickness
  • Can be used on Drives from the reverse side and in compact layouts
  • High Surface speed combined with high speed ratios smaller pulley diameters
  • Less Noise, vibration and weight.



  • Extremely smooth running.

  • Very high power capacity per rib.

  • Long life thanks to extra load carrying capacity.

  • Improved performance on back idlers.

  • Smaller drive package.