Round Belts - Mafdel Thermoweldable Belting

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Product Description

There is a large choice of round belts in polyurethane or polyester elastomer in various hardnesses from 85 degrees shore 'A' to 100 degrees shore 'A', with or without aramid fibre or polyester reinforcement. 

Product Details

Round Belts

  • Standard Rough Poly/Flex green 85 ShA

  • Standard Rough Poly/Flex blue 85 ShA

  • Standard Smooth Souplex brown 85 ShA

  • ​Standard Smooth Souplex white 85 ShA

  • Standard Smooth Souplex Antistatic black 85 ShA

  • Standard Smooth Del/Flex red 90 ShA

  • Standard Smooth Del/Flex blue 90 ShA

  • Standard Smooth Del/Roc black 100 ShA 55 ShD 

  • Standard Frosted Souplex brown 85 ShA

  • Standard Frosted Del/Flex red 90 ShA

  • Standard Frosted Del/Flex blue 90 ShA

  • Reinforced Smooth Poly/Flex Aramid Reinforced green 85 ShA

  • Reinforced Smooth Sel/San Aramid Reinforced blue 95 ShA

  • Reinforced Smooth Del/Roc Polyester Reinforced white 100 ShA 55 ShD

  • Reinforced Smooth Del/Roc DRW Polyester Reinforced white 63 ShD

  • Reinforced Frosted Poly/Flex Aramid Reinforced green 85 ShA

  • Reinforced Frosted Del/San Aramid Reinforced blue 95 ShA

  • Tubular Souplex brown 85 ShA

  • Tubular Del/Flex red 90 ShA

All 6-18 mm diameter round belts can be frosted.  Frosting improves belt sliding on its support and makes product accumulation easier.