Tapered Roller Bearings

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Product Description

  • Uniquely designed to manage both thrust and radial loads on rotating shafts and in housings
  • Axial load capacity is largely determined by the contact angle which corresponds to the angle of the raceway. Larger Angle = Larger Axial load capacity.
  • The inner and outer rings of taper rollers are designed as separable making the fitting much easier.

Product Details

Single Row

The most basic and widely used tapered roller bearing, the single-row tapered roller bearing consists of the cone assembly and the cup. It is usually fitted as one of an opposing pair. During equipment assembly, single-row tapered roller bearings can be set to the required clearance or preload condition to optimize performance.

Double Row

Double- or two-row tapered roller bearings feature double cups and two single cones. Double- or two-row tapered roller bearings are available in a variety of configurations for general industrial and automotive applications.

Four Row

Four-row tapered roller bearings combine the inherent high-load, radial/thrust capacity and direct/indirect mounting variables of tapered roller bearings into assemblies of maximum load rating in minimum space.