Plutone Press Bio

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Product Description

Colour: transparent with steel spiral and polyester reinforcement.

Temperature Range: -10°C + 60°C

Suitable for:
Applications: Food, Bio Range
Industries: Bio CompoundsFood
Size Range: 20mm ID to 50mm ID (60, 63, 76 and 102mm ID available on request)

Product Details

Technical Features: Flexible hose reinforced with an high tenacity polyester yarn and a steel spiral , produced with Biovinyl™ : a revolutionary bio-based compound, obtained mainly from renewable biological sources. It allows to reduce CO2 emissions during its production and disposal process.

Properties: Smooth inside and outside to ensure the optimization of flow. Completely free from phthalates. Resistant to several chemicals, weather conditions, ageing, ozone, UV rays, hydrolysis. Halogens free according to RoHS.

Standards: Food grade according to EC 10/2011 Regulation (classes A,B,C and dry food) and to FDA (CFR 21 Parts 170 to 199 Item 175.300)RoHS 2011/65/EU Directive, REACH Regulation (1907/2006), TRB S 2153.

It can be made electrically bonded according TRB S 2153 by grounding the spiral.  The electrical resistance R ≤ 102Ohm/m is according to ISO 8031 - ATEX Directive 94/4/EC and 99/92/EC).

Manufactured under  GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice according to Regulation (CE) N. 2023/2006, regarding materials and goods intended to come into contact with foodstuff.

Application Fields

Ideal for suction and delivery liquid and dry substances in food industry such as drinks, juices, wine, vinegar and spirits with max. alcohol content up to 20%. No suitable for fatty foods or milk and diary products.