Neoduct 2S

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Product Description

Colour: Black

Temperature Range: -55°C + 130°C (peak 150°C)

Suitable for:

Industries: AutomotiveGranule DryingHeating and VentilationHigh TemperatureIndustrial FumesPlastics Industry

Size Range: 25mm ID x 305mm ID

Product Details

Technical Features: Double ply neoprene coated glass fabric ducting, reinforced with an embedded steel wire helix. External glass cords.

Properties: the product is lightweight, highly flexible, kink proof, very good in bending, nearly smooth inside, good resistance to most chemicals and high temperature up to 130°C (peak 150°C), halogens free.

Standard Length - 4m.

Application Fields

Neoduct 2S is suitable for many industrial applications: conveying of hot air or gaseous media in automotive, chemical and plastic industries, air conditioning and ventilation systems.