Vulcano PU HD12 ET

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Product Description

Colour: Clear with PU coated zinc steel spiral

Temperature Range: -40 °C +90 °C (+125 °C peaks). We do not recommend SIP cleaning, which can severely impair the hose life.

Suitable for:

Product Details

Technical Features: Ether based polyurethane ducting reinforced with a high adhesion zinc steel spiral. Constant Wall thickness of 1.2mm for the whole diameter range. Smooth bore to ensure optimum flow characteristics.

Properties: Excellent resistance to microbes, hydrolysis, most chemicals, ozone, UV rays, weather conditions. The hose is odourless and doesn’t change the organoleptic properties of the transferred materials, very good bending radius even at low temperatures. Halogens free according to RoHS Regulation and free from phthalates.

 It can be made electrically bonded by earthing the steel spiral in accordance to TRB S 2153.  The electrical resistance R ≤ 102 Ohm/m is according to ISO 8031 - ATEX Directive 94/4/EC and 99/92/EC).

Standards: Suitable to use for food applications in accordance to the EU Regulation 10/2011 and FDA, title 21 CFR 177.2600. RoHS 2011/65/EU Directive, REACH Regulation (1907/2006),

Manufactured under  GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice according to Regulation (CE) N. 2023/2006,materials and goods intended to come into contact with foodstuff.

Application Fields

Suitable  for food and pharmaceutical processing, grass cutting machines, street cleaning vehicles and for all applications where microbes resistance is required. Vulcano PU HD 12 ET finds a perfect application also in fish farm.