Flexco Belt Fasteners

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Product Description

From product distribution centres to food processing plants to Heavy industrial applications, many sectors of industry rely on Flexco for belt conveyor fasteners and maintenance solutions that help maximise uptime, productivity and safety.

We offer the benefit of our experience and working relationship as a distributor for Flexco products to our customers.


How to Specify the Right Flexco Fastener

No. 1 - Determine Belt Tension

Most conveyor belting has a mechanical fastener rating. exercise care to ensure belting or fasteners are operated within the recommended range of their capabilities.

No. 2 - Measure Belt Thickness

Choose a fastener size which corresponds to belt thickness. Measure after any belt top cover has been removed in the skived area.

No.3 - Measure the diameter of the smallest pulley

Minimum pulley diameters for individual fasteners are noted in the selection guide charts for individual fasteners

No. 4 - Choose the fastener size that is appropriate for your specifications

Use selection guides for individual fastener sizes to meet required specifications.

Product Details

Tools and Accessories


RSC187Installation kit

Holds fasteners securely in proper alignment and guides staples as they are driven. Install two staples simultaneously for fast and simple splicing. Also provides a solid anvil surface for initial staple clinching.

The RSC187 comes complete with guide blocks and driver. Standard tool can be used to install all three fastener sizes. Also available in sizes to match a variety of belt widths. Wider tools are available for production lacing and fabrication shop requirements

Widths available

  • 2" (5mm)

  • 4" (100mm)

  • 6" (150mm)

  • 12" (300mm)

  • 24" (600mm)

Ready Set Tool kit

Everything needed to install Alligator Ready Set Fastener Systems, in a lightweight, easy-to-carry toolbox.

This unit includes

  • RSC187 Installation Tool

  • Staple Set Plate

  • Hand Skiver

  • Belt Nippers

  • 1lb Hammer

Available in 6" or 12"widths

Staple Setting Plate

Use the Alligator staple setting plate to achieve a smooth, finished splice. Heat-treated steel plate puts the finishing set on staples. Features countersunk bolt holes for easy mounting

Hinge Pin Cutters

Cuts bulk hinge pin cable quickly and easily. Provides a clean cut with no frayed ends.

Hing pin Retaining Washers

Retaining washers prevent migration of nylon-covered cable hinge pins. Check hinge pins frequently during the first few hours of operation to determine whether migration is a problem in your application

Rough-Top Belt Skiver

Durable, hand-operated tool for quick and clean removal of rough top from light - medium duty belting.

Permits lower fastener installation to minimise splice profile

Ready Set Staple Guide Blocks

It is easy to convert the standard C187 Alligator staple installation tool to Alligator ready set staples. Simply replace standard guide blocks with the ST5-5 staple guide blocks

Quad Staple Driver

The new Quad Staple Driver allows for the installation of four staples at one time. Using a 2lb. hammer, this durable, heat-treated steel quad drive rod allows installers to cut their installation time by 50%. The quad driver features a wider striking surface to facilitate installation. Quicker installation of Alligator Ready Set reduces downtime and increases performance. The quad driver makes the installation of Alligator Ready Set that much easier.