Eolo PU Food

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Product Description

Colour: Transparent with ivory spiral.

Temperature Range: -40°C +80°C

Suitable for:
Applications: Food

Industries: Antistatic versionMicrobes resistantAbrasive PowdersFoodGrain and Seed Drill

Size Range: 20mm ID to 300mm ID

Product Details

Technical Features: Ether based PU wall, food grade, with an anti-shock rigid PVC spiral. Completely smooth inside, corrugated outside. 

Properties: Light, extremely resistant to abrasion and flexion, this hose features high mechanical properties. Resistant to many chemicals.

Standards: Foodgrade according to FDA Reg. CFR 21 -Item 177.2600 (acquous and fatty food) and to  EU Regulation 10/2011, (classes A,B,C,D2- for further details see the Information Sheet).

It can be manufactured in antistatic version adding a copper wire. 
By earthing the copper wire, the duct becomes electrically bonded. The electrical resistance R ≤ 102 Ohm/m is according to ISO 8031 - ATEX Directive 94/4/EC and 99/92/EC.

Manufactured under  GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice according to Regulation (CE) N. 2023/2006, regarding materials and goods intended to come into contact with foodstuff. 

Application Fields

Suction of liquids and dry food such as grains, animal feed, sugar, flour etc. Suitable for fatty foods, but not for milk or dairy products.